Models for Intensive Longitudinal Data

Welcome to the companion web site for the Oxford University Press volume entitled Models for Intensive Longitudinal Data. On this site, supporting materials are offered by individual chapter authors. Due to data sharing constraints, many authors do not offer example data; however, all chapters have example programs that may be used to develop similar models to those described in the volume. The programs are in the source programming language(s) used by the authors, which varies by chapter. Programming languages include Fortran, SAS, SPlus, MATLAB and many more. This site is intended as a static site, but occasional updates and errata may be posted here. We encourage practitioners and statisticians alike to experiment with these exceptional new models. Various public fora for learning more about some of these models may be offered in the next few years either by the researchers themselves or in integrated sessions adjunct to major conferences. For more information, please contact Theodore Walls at walls (at) uri (dot) edu. Best regards,

The editors:

-- Theodore A. Walls

-- Joseph L. Schafer


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