Understanding the Medical Diagnosis of Child Maltreatment

Welcome to the companion site for Understanding the Medical Diagnosis of Child Maltreatment. Whether you are a CPS worker or a staff trainer, you will find a wealth of information that supplements and illustrates the concepts in the book.

When you see this icon in the text it means that you can access additional information about that topic here. You'll find links, articles, photographs, checklists, fact sheets, memoranda of understanding, and even a bonus chapter on developmental disabilities. Please note that many of the photographs on this site are graphic and even disturbing, so be prepared to process the experience after viewing them.

To use this site, simply click the links on the left, which list chapter-by-chapter resources.

The material on this site is available only to people who use the book, so you'll be asked to enter a user name and password when you click on some of the links. Consult your copy of the book and enter the first word of Chapter 3 as your user name, and the first word of Chapter 5 as your password. Note that your browser's security settings may require that you enter this information twice.

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