Table of contents

CD Track List for the Accompanying Volume

  1. Cultures, Courses and Classrooms
      Those Who Can, Teach
      Learning Styles of the World's Musicians
      Learning Styles of Students in Classrooms
      Oral/Aural Techniques
      Curricular Infusions of Global Musics
      Sample Schedules
      World Music Pedagogy
      A Pathway Ahead
      Problems to Probe

  2. A Sound Awareness of Music
      Discovering the Splendors of Sound
      Getting the Focus on Music and Culture
      Opening the Ear I: Rhythm and Instruments
      Opening the Ear II: Pitch and Form
      Local and Global Identities
      Problems to Probe

  3. Learning through Attentive Listening
      Listen-to-Learn Phases
      Attentive Listening Experiences
      Listening from Near and Far
      Problems to Probe

  4. Learning through Engaged Listening
      Participatory Consciousness
      Engaged Listening Experiences
      Engaging the Disengaged
      Problems to Probe

  5. Performance as Enactive Listening
      Listening as "Means" and Method
      Enactive Listening Experiences I: Straight from the CD
      Enactive Listening Experiences II: In the Style of the CD
      The Enactive Act of Listening
      Problems to Probe

  6. Creating "World Music"
      Creating, Re-Creating, and Conserving
      Extending What's Already There
      Full-Fledged Improvising and Composing
      Techniques for Creating "World Music"
      Music's Artistic Inspirations
      Worlds of Creative Music
      Problems to Probe

  7. Music, Context, Integration, and Extensions
      Music in Context
      Music, Integrated
      Ethnomusicological Issues, Considered
      Putting it all Together
      Problems to Probe


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