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Patricia Shehan Campbell is Donald E. Peterson Professor of Music at the University of Washington, where she teaches courses at the interface of ethnomusicology and education. Her publications include Lessons from the World, Songs in Their Heads, Music in Cultural Context, and co-authored books like Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, Music in Childhood, and Roots and Branches. She has collaborated with culture-bearers on such projects as From Rice Paddies and Temple Yards (with Phong Nguyen), Silent Temples, Songful Hearts (with Sam-Ang Sam), and Canciones de America Latina: De Sus Origenes a la Escuela (with musicians and teachers from various Latin American cultures). As visiting scholar-teacher throughout North America and in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, she continues to shape thoughts concerning musical cultures of children, the pedagogy of music and movement, and world musics in curricular practice.

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