Table of contents

Introduction and Contents

Chapter One: Detailed Table of Contents for American Law in a Global Context: The Basics

Chapter Two: Overview of the Book

Chapter Three: Syllabi Off-the-Shelf

Chapter Four: Teaching Comparatively

Chapter Five: Teaching Critically

Chapter Six: Case Method Teaching & Its Alternatives

Chapter Seven: Teaching Lawyering

Chapter Eight: Teaching with Problems

Chapter Nine: Teaching with Audio-Visual Aids

Chapter Ten: Chapter Notes & Questions

Part One: Common Law and Civil Law
  • one
    The Common Law

  • two
    The Civil Law

  • three
    The Language of Law: Common and Civil

  • four
    Legal Reasoning

Part Two: Constitutional Identity
  • five
    The Constitution as Code

  • six
    Judicial Review

  • seven

  • eight
    The Alternative Constitution

  • nine
    Equality Prevails

  • ten
    Freedom Fights Back

  • eleven
    The Jury

  • twelve
    Due Process Ascendant

  • thirteen
    Coordinating the States

  • fourteen
    Multiple Common Laws?

Part Three: The Theory of the Common Law, Liberalism and its Alternatives
  • fifteen
    Feudalism in Land Law

  • sixteen
    The Triumph of Equity

  • seventeen
    Contemporary Property

  • eighteen
    The Frontiers of Property

  • nineteen
    Contract as Law

  • twenty
    Contract as Justice

  • twenty-one
    Contractual Harm

  • twenty-two
    Foundations of Tort Law

  • twenty-three
    Economic Efficiency

  • twenty-four
    From Contributory to Comparative Fault

  • twenty-five
    Disputed Boundaries: Punitive Damages

  • twenty-six
    The American Civil Trial in Outline

Part Four: Criminal Law, The Adversary System and Its Alternatives
  • twenty-seven
    Where Would You Rather Be Tried?

  • twenty-eight
    The Fate of Bernhard Goetz

  • twenty-nine
    Self-Defense: Domestic and International

  • Summary:
    The Right and the Reasonable

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