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Welcome to the companion web site for the Psychologists' Desk Reference, 2nd edition (PsyDR2). Among the files and documents posted here you will find practice guidelines, hyper links, PowerPoint* presentations, clinical forms, primary sources, and detailed bibliographies that augment and extend the contents of the PsyDR2. We have created this online supplementary resource because we know that clinicians want such resources at their fingertips. All of the materials link to the content of specific chapters in the PsyDR2.

We intend this web site as a dynamic resource, and will periodically revise and update the contents. As a result, we suggest you check the site quarterly to look for "new material" links.

The contents of this web site are organized into 5 categories of documents: Practice Guidelines; Forms & Figures; Clinical Strategy; Presentation Help; Research Strategy.

  • Clinical Strategy items include practical suggestions applicable to various activities or client populations, but that do not carry the weight or imprimatur of an official organizational policy guideline.
  • Forms & Figures feature charts, tables, or clinical forms associated with topics in the PsyDR2. We realize that you may wish to print out or down-load these for routine practical use.
  • Practice Guidelines provide documents that organizations, such as the American Psychological Association have adopted as policy positions or formal practice recommendations.
  • Presentation Help entails some building blocks for potential lectures or classroom presentations prepared in PowerPoint* format. You may download and use these as is, or modify them with your own material for more specific or elaborate presentations. When doing so, please cite the PsyDR2 as a source for the material.
  • Research Strategy materials deliver practical suggestions applicable to clinical research with human participants.

We want this site to be as useful as possible and invite readers to assist us in that goal. If you have ideas for other material that you would like to see here, or in the next edition of our book; or if you have useful materials that your would like to make available to others via this site, please click the link below to share your ideas and suggestions with us.

Best wishes,

Gerry Koocher and John Norcross

*PowerPoint is a registered Trademark of the Microsoft Corporation

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