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"A much-needed, amazing, and critical contribution to the field. One of the world's leading experts in the area of Parent Management Training (PMT), Alan Kazdin not only 'talks the talk' but 'walks the walk.' The first eight chapters and glossary provide a solid conceptual, clinical, and empirical foundation for PMT, but Kazdin goes one giant step further: he provides his well-written 12-session PMT manual in crystal-clear format, with handouts, teaching charts, step-by-step instructions, problem-solving guides, and specific language suggestions to therapists. As a sole-authored volume this book is extraordinary; as a teaching guide to pre- and post-doctoral students, it is essential; and as a 'get-up-to-speed' program for established practitioners, it has no peers. The contents of this book need be read and mastered by anyone claiming to provide evidence-based interventions for children, youth, and their caregivers."

-Peter S. Jensen, MD, Ruane Professor of Child Psychiatry and Director, Center for the Advancement of Children's Mental Health, Columbia University/NYSPI

"For 35 years, Alan Kazdin has led the field in deepening our understanding of the psychopathology and treatment of psychological disorders in children and adolescents. Parent Management Training, in particular, is one of our most successful psychological interventions with firm evidence that even severe problems can be remediated and that the lives of children can be enriched and enhanced. Here, for the first time, is a book that contains not only the most up to date and effective treatment manual yet published, but also the theories and evidence behind the techniques. All clinicians treating children and adolescents will want to immerse themselves in this impressive work."

-David H. Barlow, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Research Professor of Psychiatry, Director of Clinical Programs, and Director, Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, Boston University

"With his book Parent Management Training, Dr. Kazdin makes a timely and essential contribution to the child mental health field. The principles utilized in this book are scientifically time tested, and Dr. Kazdin does a terrific job of operationalizing them into useful training for therapists to assist parents of children with difficult behavioral problems. It is generous of Dr. Kazdin to make the workbook available along with the textbook. It makes this textbook complete and user friendly. My own recommendation is that this text should be used by everyone who is, or intends to become, a child mental health professional. More importantly, it should be read by every training director of child mental health programs, and used as part of the curriculum for preparing students for work with parents."

-Marilyn B. Benoit, MD, FAACAP, Immediate Past President, American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

"Parent Management Training, by Alan Kazdin, uses a one-two punch to communicate to readers an empirically-supported intervention that is not typically taught to young professionals. The work is integrative and systematic, and combines the findings from research with the prevailing intervention strategies. Importantly, Kazdin's book emerges from years of clinical and research experience with participants who resemble the typical externalizing cases seen in clinics. Kazdin captures the content and highlights the key procedures. Nicely done!"

-Philip C. Kendall, PhD, ABPP, Laura Carnell Professor of Psychology, Director, Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders Clinic, Temple University

"Now the field can benefit fully from Dr. Kazdin's expertise and 25 years of experience with empirically supported models of parent training to address childhood behavior problems. This book combines a detailed description of parent management training, a theoretical presentation of its rationale, a critical review of the evidence base for its effectiveness, and a practical treatment manual, complete with all of the materials needed for clinical use. The chapters are amply supplied with 'real life' vignettes and suggested strategies for overcoming obstacles when initial tactics are not successful. This book deserves both a thorough reading and a place on the shelf of every mental health clinician who treats children and adolescents!"

-Mina K. Dulcan, MD, Osterman Professor and Head, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Children's Memorial Hospital,
Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

"Kazdin has once again produced a superb work that cogently synthesizes the state of the art and science, this time on training management skills for parents of children with challenging behaviors. In a well-written and useful volume, the author goes beyond the journal articles on 'parent training' to discuss the 'how to' of doing these clinical interventions, while not missing the evidence base for the described applications. The book is highly recommended for the professional psychologist-in-training, newly-minted psychologists setting out in professional careers, and established."

-Michael C. Roberts, PhD, ABPP, Professor and Director, Clinical Child Psychology Program, University of Kansas

"Alan Kazdin's new book, Parent Management Training, describes a comprehensive and data-based intervention for children and adolescents with social, emotional and educational problems. The book should be helpful to parents and professionals alike, as well as providing an excellent text for college and university coursework."

-O. Ivar Lovaas, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles

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