Table of contents

CD Track List

Chapter 1. A Unifying Vision

Three themes
A voyage of discovery
The Perspective
The Historical Context

Chapter 2. Diversity and American Musical Life

Diversity and American Ideology
Sources of Diversity
Diversity from Within
Diversity and the American Musical Scene

Chapter 3. Identity and American Music

A Story of Two Songs
Identity: From the Ground Up
The Human Dimension
Markers of Identity
Identity on the National Level
Summing up
The Seeds of Complexity: The Genesis of American Musical Boundaries
A Backward Glance

Chapter 4. E pluribus unum.

Oneness: The Historical Dimension
The Language of Oneness
Aaron Copland and "Lincoln Portrait"
"My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen
The Paradox of Musical Oneness: Its Changing Face, he Unchanging Mission
Multiculturalism and Oneness
Race, Oneness, and Jazz
Dizzy Gillespie
The Dynamics of Oneness

Chapter 5. American Musical Culture

A View Through Technology
Technology and Contemporary Frontier-Pushing
At the Frontier of Musical Sound
Genre and Other Boundaries
Who is a Musician?
The Production and Dissemination of Music
Music as Property and as Commodity
Beyond Technology: The Larger Picture

A Shift in Perspective
We, the People


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