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Music in Bali: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture introduces the ensemble tradition of Balinese music, reflecting the communal nature of the island's social organization of. By describing various performances - from a temple ceremony, to a shadow puppet performance, to a masked dance drama - Gold surveys the range of performance contexts from the highly sacred to the secular. Stressing the vitality and centrality of music in Bali, it looks at the interconnected layers of the Balinese musical tradition, showing how the island's music, dance, theatre and ritual are intertwined.

Drawing on many years of study of with Balinese performers in the United States and extensive fieldwork in Bali, author Lisa Gold presents contemporary Balinese performance within it's cultural and historical context, linking Bali's rich past to its present role in a modern, globilized society. Through a careful examination of musical traditions and guided listening, Gold illustrates how new compositions borrow or reuse material from earlier traditions while also allowing for individual expression and innovation in a vibrant contemporary culture

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