Table of contents

CD Track List

  1. Two Weddings in One Day
      An Urban Wedding
      A Village Wedding
      Explaining Music
      The Culture of Music at Bulgarian Weddings
      The Interpretation of Music at Bulgarian Weddings
      More Questions

  2. The Past in Present-day Music

  3. A Musical Tour
      The Shop Region near Sofia
      Thrace in the Southeast
      The Rhodope Mountains in the South
      The Pirin Region in the Southwest
      After the Tour

  4. Making Music Yesterday and Today
      Easter Dances
      Harvest Songs
      Dances at Village Fairs
      Autumn Housework
      Why are These Traditions Still Performed at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century?

  5. Music and Politics
      A Performance by a Professional Ensemble
      Modernization and a New Ideology Come to Bulgaria
      New Institutions for the New Folk Music
      Cultivated Folk Music
      New Meaning for Wedding Music
      From Behavior to Symbol to Commodity

  6. Bulgarian Music as World Music
      Bulgarian Music Hits the Charts
      Appropriating Bulgarian Music

  7. New Music for a New Era
      A New Fusion of Folk and Popular Music
      The Roots of Popfolk
      The Lyrics of Popfolk Music
      Performances of Popfolk Songs
      Popfolk as Art, Symbol. Commodity, and Behavior
      Musical Change and Musical Significance

Glossary of Bulgarian Terms
Glossary of Musical Terms

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