Listening examples

Below is a list of full citations for recordings on the CD accompanying Carnival Music in Trinidad. Contact information for distributors of these recordings, as well as other recommendations for listening, viewing, and reading, can be found in the Resources section at the end of the book.

Ex.1 “Pump Up,” Super Blue 2000
2000 Soca Matrix, Rituals Music CO7000

Ex.2 Chant to Osanyin, performed by Babalorisha Clarence Forde and members of the St. Francis Shrine,
Tacarigua, Trinidad, 2000
SANCH Electronics, in preparation for commercial release.

Ex.3 Tassa drumming by the Corcoree band, recorded 1962
Recorded by Alan Lomax
1999 East Indian Music in the West Indies, Alan Lomax Collection Caribbean Voyage, Rounder

Ex.4 “Calinda” performed by tamboo bamboo band 1956
Recorded by Emory Cook
1992 Bongo and the Belair, Bamboo Tamboo , Smithsonian Folkways Cook Cassette Series

Ex.5 “Iron Duke in the Land,” Julian Whiterose 1914
Spottswood, Dick and Donald Hill (producers)
1989 Calypso Pioneers, Rounder 1039

Ex.6 “Jean and Dinah” the Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) 1956
1992 Mighty Sparrow Volume 1, Ice Records 921002

Ex.7 “Jean and Dinah,” steelband arrangement 1956
Recorded by Emory Cook
1994 Jump up Carnival, Smithsonian Institution Cook Cassette Series: CK1072

Ex.8 “Chauffer Wanted” the Mighty Chalkdust (Hollis Liverpool) 1989
Total Kaiso, Straker’s GS 2298

Ex.9 “High Mas’” David Rudder 1998
1997 Beloved, Lypsoland CR 028

Ex.10 “Caribbean Man Part 2” Singing Sandra 2000
2000 Royal Flush, Crosby’s

Ex.11 “Congo Bara,” Keskidee Trio 1935
Spottswood, Dick and Donald Hill (producers)
1989 Calypso Pioneers, Rounder 1039

Ex.12 "Pan in A Minor," the Lord Kitchener, 1987
Roberts, Aldwin (aka the Lord Kitchener)
1994 Klassic Kitchener, vol.3, Ice Music 941802

Ex.13 “Back Line,” Phase II Pan Groove 1986
1986 Pan Rising, SANCH 8601

Ex.14 “Back Line,” demonstration of different parts
Performed by students and faculty at University of Washington, 8/1/01

Ex.15 "Pan in A Minor," Renegades Steelband, 1987
Renegades Steelband
1987 Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago, Delos DE4011

Ex.16 “Cyar Take That” Brother Resistance 1989
2000 (1989) Enhanced CD of Trinidad Carnival, Rituals Music CO5698

Ex.17 “Burnin” Denise Belfon 2000
2000 Caribbean Party Rhythms 5 , Rituals Music CO 6800

Ex.18 “Dulahin” Rikki Jai
1999 Chutney Soca Monarch

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