Derivatives: Valuation and Risk Management

Derivatives: Valuation and Risk Management


Valuation and Risk Management
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Hardcover 05/09/2002 ISBN13: 9780195114706 ISBN10: 0195114701 Derivatives: Valuation and Risk Management, by David A. Dubofsky and Thomas W. Miller, Jr., enables students to acquire a strong working knowledge and thorough understanding of the rapidly growing field of financial derivatives. Students will learn essential risk management skills, such as how markets in these securities can be used to shift risk away from or toward the user.
With the purchase of this book, students will also have the unique opportunity to utilize Fincad XL-Dubofsky/Miller Edition, a limited version of FinancialCAD's comprehensive derivatives valuation toolkit, Fincad XL. The book features many examples using FinancialCAD's industry-leading package, affording students the chance to develop "real life" skills and helping business school students gain a competitive edge in the job market. Derivatives: Valuation and Risk Management is ideal for both undergraduate and graduate classes on derivatives, financial risk management, futures, or options.
Fincad XL is a software product currently used by thousands of financial practitioners and companies worldwide. Functions available in Fincad XL-Dubofsky/Miller Edition include: · Swaps · Forward Rates · Vanilla Options · Exotic Options · Fixed Income · Interest Rate Derivatives
To download your copy of Fincad XL-Dubofsky/Miller Edition, go to For more information on the complete version of Fincad XL, visit

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