The Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy


Government websites

  • statistics from more than 100 federal agencies: FedStats
  • poverty, income distribution, and the number of uninsured, Bureau of the

  • unemployment, inflation, and the job market: Department of Labor, Bureau
    of Labor Statistics

  • job training: Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration
  • health and the two major health insurance programs: Centers on Medicare
    and Medicaid
    OR Health and Human Services
  • Social Security benefits, financing, and demographics: the Social
    Security Administration

  • public assistance, child welfare, Head Start: Agency for Children and

  • housing: Housing and Urban Development
  • food programs: Department of Agriculture Food Nutrition Service
  • Policy websites

  • coalition of progressive policy organizations on the web: MovingIdeas
  • seniors' issue--retirement, health, drugs, long-term care: American
    Association of Retired Persons

  • Urban policy: The Brookings Institute
  • domestic social welfare policy: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • domestic social policy: The Urban Institute
  • food advocacy: Food Research and Action Center
  • child poverty: The Children's Defense Fund
  • social policy and the law: Center on Law and Social Policy
  • economic policy: the Economic Policy Institute
  • women and social policy: Institute for Women's Policy Research
  • quantitative welfare and employment studies: Manpower Demonstration
    Research Corporation

  • social policy, poverty, and globalization: the Institute for Policy

  • housing policy: the National Low-Income Housing Coalition
  • employment policy: National Jobs for All Coalition
  • tax policy: Citizens for Tax Justice
  • education policy: Rethinking Schools
  • social policy from a libertarian perspective: The Cato Institute
  • social policy from a conservative perspective: The Heritage Foundation
  • social policy from a conservative perspective: The American Enterprise
    Institutute for Public Policy Research