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Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

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Hardcover 30/03/2000 ISBN13: 9780195105896 ISBN10: 0195105893 Every chemist should own a copy of this uniquely thorough yet incisive treatment of the basic principles of physical chemistry. Written by three eminent physical chemists, the second edition of this exceptional work is the most lucid and comprehensive physical chemistry reference available. The authors present the fundamentals of the three major areas of physical chemistry--the microscopic structure of matter, the equilibrium properties of systems, and the physical and chemical kinetics of transformations of systems--in a logical sequence, from the simple to the complex. Beginning with atomic and molecular structure, they progress to properties of condensed matter, to statistical and thermodynamic properties of systems in equilibrium, and then to transport phenomena and chemical reaction processes. The book's mathematical level begins with elementary calculus and rises to the use of simple properties of partial differential equations and the special functions that enter into their solutions. The conceptual structure of physical chemistry is emphasized throughout and appendices develop the details of the mathematical tools as they are needed.

This new edition features:
· In-depth and illuminating presentation of conceptual arguments
· No shortcuts--derives whole formulas
· 100 new problems
· New material on nuclear magnetic resonance
· Expanded treatment of linear and nonlinear irreversible processes and thermodynamics
· A completely revised treatment of electrode kinetics
· Many updates throughout
· Several vignettes--written by leaders in the field--that cover topics at the cutting edge of physical chemistry research

Previous publication dates

January 1984

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