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Understanding Strategic Management

Third Edition

Anthony E. Henry

March 2018

ISBN: 9780199662470

376 pages

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Price: £39.99

The most complete introduction for students looking for a briefer guide to strategic management, packed with real-life examples and an emphasis on the essential tools of analysis.



The most complete introduction for students looking for a briefer guide to strategic management, packed with real-life examples and an emphasis on the essential tools of analysis.

  • Concise in format, but covering all the relevant material for one semester courses, this textbook provides students with all the essential concepts in a manageable format.
  • A four-part structure and clear approach expertly guide students through the processes of strategic management from analysis, to formulation, and implementation.
  • Contemporary, real-life examples and case studies from a diverse range of business situations illustrate how the core theories operate in practice, revealing the successes but also the pitfalls of different strategic approaches.
  • Extensive online resources, clearly integrated with the book, provide additional material to further understanding and offer practical exercises on the key tools of analysis.
  • A user-friendly writing style is complemented by a wealth of learning features, diagrams, and photos to make the subject clear for students and encourage them to actively engage in critique and analysis.

New to this edition

  • New coverage of disruptive innovation, dynamic capabilities, and Blue Ocean Strategy, as well as additional frameworks such as economies and diseconomies of scale, the industry life cycle, and the VRIO framework complete an extensive update to this third edition.
  • The unconventional workings of Ryanair, disruptive innovation at Netflix, and the plausibility of electric cars are just some of the new examples used in the Strategy in Focus boxes and Case Examples for this edition, which together examine the contemporary relevance of strategic management to the business world.
  • The chapters in Part Two: Strategic Analysis, have been streamlined by incorporating coverage of organizational performance into Chapter 4 on the internal environment.
  • Each chapter now features a single, longer, closing Case Example, fully author-written and unique to the book, demonstrating how companies like Novo Nordisk and Tesla, or strategic leaders such as Warren Buffett or Sir Martin Sorrell consider and apply strategic analysis, formulation, and implementation in real life.
  • The online resources have been reorganized and updated, providing new questions, exercises, and case studies.
  • The book has a new text design and new photos throughout, making it more appealing and engaging.

About the Author(s)

Anthony E. Henry, Teaching Fellow at Aston University Business School

Anthony E. Henry worked as a Market Analyst for HSBC in central London before joining the university sector. He has experience working for public and private sector organisations, including Arthur Andersen. He has also counted traffic for a firm of transport consultants, worked in a soap factory, and taught strategy in the UK and Germany to global managers working for a FTSE-100 organization. He has worked as a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management. He recently spent seven years updating his business experience by working as a senior manager in a medical company before returning to the university sector. His appreciation of the business environment is used to enhance student understanding of the theory and practice of strategy. Anthony currently teaches strategy to undergraduate and MBA students at Aston University's Business School.

Table of Contents

    Part One: What is Strategy?
    1: What is Strategy?
    Part Two: Strategic Analysis
    2: Evaluating the Macro-environment
    3: Industry Analysis
    4: The Internal Environment: Value-Creating Activities
    5: The Internal Environment: A Resource-Based View of Strategy
    Part Three: Strategy Formulation
    6: Business Strategy
    7: Corporate Strategy
    8: International Strategy
    Part Four: Strategy Implementation
    9: Organizational Structures and Strategic Change
    10: Strategic Leadership
    11: Corporate Governance


"'Globally relevant, multi-platform, accessible content - just right for those seeking a solid foundation in Strategic Management.' - Joanna Townend, University of Leeds"

"'Consise and manageable... bringing the subject to life with highly relevant and interesting cases.' - Dr Raymond Loohuis, University of Twente"

Additional Resources

The online resources accompanying the text provide all the teaching and learning materials needed to support each chapter, removing the need for lecturers to look for additional seminar and test materials, and giving students the resources they need to check and build upon their understanding.

For students:
Internet exercises
Extension Material
Working through Strategy
Multiple-choice questions
Additional recommended resources

For lecturers:
Test bank
Further case material
Answers to discussion questions
PowerPoint slides
Figures and tables from the book

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