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Thompson's Modern Land Law

Seventh Edition

Martin George and Antonia Layard

August 2019

ISBN: 9780198828020

600 pages

Price: £32.99

Land law through a theoretical lens encourages the development of critical analysis.



Providing contemporary coverage of the essential topics, Thompson's Modern Land Law helps students to understand the underlying principles of the law and develop analytical skills by looking at the subject through a theoretical lens.

  • Detailed but lucid explanations of difficult rules and concepts guide students through areas that they commonly find challenging
  • The theoretical approach is supported by excellent author commentary, exposing students to areas of debate and encouraging them to use critique in essays and examinations

New to this edition

  • Analysis of the decision in the European Court of Human Rights in McDonald v McDonald on the right to a home in Article 8 ECHR and its application in cases involving private landlords
  • Treatment of the Supreme Court judgment in Regency Villas v Diamond Resorts on the validity of recreational easements
  • Full discussion of the Law Commission report on Updating the Land Registration Act 2002
  • Coverage of the Court of Appeal judgment in Baker v Craggs on the question of whether an easement can have overreaching effect
  • Critical analysis of a wealth of new cases on proprietary estoppel, including James v James, Smith-Tyrell v Bowden, Thompson v Thompson, Gee v Gee, and Moore v Moore
  • Reflections on constructive and resulting trusts in the wake of the Privy Council decision in Marr v Collie
  • Analysis of the Court of Appeals decision in Rashid v Nasrullah on adverse possession and fraud

About the Author(s)

Martin George, Associate Professor of Property Law, University of Leicester, and Antonia Layard, Professor of Law, University of Bristol

Table of Contents

    1: The scope of the subject
    2: Tenure and estates
    3: Law, equity and human rights
    4: The 1925 legislation
    5: Registration of title
    6: The transfer of freehold land
    7: Possessory titles
    8: Consecutive and concurrent interests in land
    9: Co-ownership 1: acquisition of interests in the home
    10: Co-ownership 2: the legal framework of co-ownership
    11: Leasehold estates
    12: Mortgages
    13: Easements
    14: Covenants between freeholders
    15: Licences and estoppel


"Thompson's Modern Land Law is an excellent book. It is well written, highly readable, and incorporates a meaningful level of detail and analysis without distracting from the core points." - Dr Thomas Murphy, Senior Lecturer in Law, Ulster University

"It covers the principles of land law in a logical and accessible manner; I have no hesitation in recommending it to my students. " - Dr Bonnie Holligan, Lecturer in Property Law, University of Sussex

"An interesting and intellectually stimulating book, which helps to aid clearer understanding of the subject matter. " - Kiran Iqbal, student at University of Manchester

Additional Resources

For regular updates and discussion on land law issues visit @modernlandlaw on Twitter which is regularly maintained by the authors.

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