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The English Legal System

Sixth Edition

Alisdair Gillespie and Siobhan Weare

July 2017

ISBN: 9780198785439

728 pages

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Paints a vivid picture of the English legal system, giving students the confidence to analyse, evaluate, and critique the law.



An engaging guide to the English legal system which helps students new to law develop a critical legal mind. Presenting and critiquing the law in a lively style, this text invites students to question, analyse, and evaluate.

  • The authors' clear and lively style makes the subject matter easy to follow
  • Comprehensive coverage of the English legal system provides students with knowledge of all the key concepts covered on most courses
  • Reflective learning features encourage students to ask questions and think critically about the more controversial aspects of the legal system
  • Carefully chosen examples enable students to relate concepts to real-life situations and apply their knowledge
  • Coverage of European and international developments puts the English legal system in its wider context

New to this edition

  • Additional content on the technicalities of ADR, to reflect the increasing prominence of this topic in ELS teaching
  • 'The Future' chapter has been updated to discuss the impact of Brexit on the English legal system; including sovereignty, and the role of the Supreme Court

About the Author(s)

Alisdair Gillespie, Head of Department and Professor of Law, Lancaster University, and Siobhan Weare, Lecturer in Law, Lancaster University

Table of Contents

    1: The English legal system
    Part I: Sources of Law
    2: Domestic sources of law: parliamentary material
    3: Domestic sources of law: case law
    4: International sources of law
    5: Human Rights Act 1998
    Part II: The Courts and the Practitioners
    6: The structure of the courts
    7: The structure of the tribunals
    8: Staffing and appointments to the courts and tribunals
    9: Judicial independence
    10: The legal professions
    11: Access to the law
    Part III: The Criminal Justice System
    12: Bringing a prosecution
    13: Lay justice
    14: Those in court
    15: The trials
    16: Criminal appeals
    Part IV: The Civil Justice System
    17: Civil litigation
    18: Remedies and appeals
    19: Alternative Dispute Resolution
    Part V: The Future
    20: The future

Additional Resources

The English Legal System is accompanied by a wide range of online resources, to help students to take their learning further:

For Students
Introductory podcasts - an invaluable guide through the book and its features
Web links - provide opportunities to take learning further
Activities - help students to put their knowledge into practice
Glossary - outlining the key terms related to the English legal system
Podcasts - accompany the questions for reflection in the textbook

For Lecturers
Test bank - a customizable electronic testing resource

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