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Fourth Edition

Paul Baines, Chris Fill, and Sara Rosengren

December 2016

ISBN: 9780198748533

768 pages

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Price: £48.99

The theories. The relevance. The reality. The complete package of book and online resources to explain and illustrate how marketing really works.



The theories. The relevance. The reality. The complete package of book and online resources to explain and illustrate how marketing really works.

  • The connection between marketing theory and practice is made explicit throughout, with integrated examples and market insights, featuring companies such as Porsche, Facebook, and L'Oreal.
  • Chapter opening case insights, enhanced by online video interviews with marketing specialists from the companies features, pose real-life marketing dilemmas and show students first-hand how marketing practitioners approach real-world problems.
  • Marketing practice is presented in a global context, including discussions of advertising in the Middle East, Soberana marketing in Panama, and LEGO's expansion into emerging markets.
  • Presents students with the latest advances in technology and social media, and the innovative ways these tools can be used in marketing.
  • Regular links to seminal papers help students to take their learning further and introduce them to classic and contemporary influential contributions.
  • Review and discussion questions at the end of every chapter consolidate learning, and encourage readers to adopt a critical perspective on the concepts discussed.
  • Accompanied by the most extensive online support package available, including tips and information on skills, as well as a variety of internet activities and multiple-choice questions for students, and test bank of multiple choice and assessment questions for lecturers.
  • A brand new online learning and assessment tool, Dashboard, makes this a complete solution for teaching and learning marketing. The Dashboard course offers a test bank of over 700 ready-to-use questions, tailored specifically to this text, which can be automatically graded to cut down time spent on marking.

New to this edition

  • New Case Insights and accompanying video interviews feature companies such as Aston Martin, Spotify, and the City of London Police.
  • New Market Insights incorporate a broader range of more international, digital, and ethics-focussed examples.
  • Expanded Market Insight features now include a new section examining the marketing practice being discussed through the lens of the marketing theories presented in the chapter to give students a deeper, more holistic understanding.
  • Discussion of services marketing has been consolidated into a single chapter to align with lecturers' needs and the chapter on digital and social media now appears in Part 3: Managing Marketing Programmes, to reflect it's now integral status in the marketing mix.
  • Critical perspectives are now integrated throughout the book, rather than separated into one chapter.
  • Glossaries now appear at the end of chapters for quicker reference.

About the Author(s)

Paul Baines, Professor of Political Marketing, Cranfield School of Management, Chris Fill, Director of Fillassociates, Director of Fillassociates, formerly Principal Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth,, and Sara Rosengren, Professor of Marketing, Stockholm School of Economics

Paul Baines is Professor of Political Marketing at Cranfield University. He is author/co-author of more than a hundred published articles, book chapters, and books on marketing issues. Over the last 20 years, Paul's research has particularly focused on political marketing, public opinion, and propaganda. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and a member of the Market Research Society (MRS), ESOMAR and the Academy of Marketing, and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors. Paul's consultancy includes experience working with various government departments on strategic communication research projects as well as many small, medium, and large private enterprises including Saint Gobain Glassolutions, IBM, 3M, and many more, on market research/marketing planning. Paul is Director of Baines Associates Limited.

Chris Fill is Director of Fillassociates, who develop and deliver learning materials related to marketing and corporate communications. (see www.chrisfill.com) Formerly Principal Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, Chris now works with a variety of private and not-for-profit organizations including several publishers. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing where he was the Senior Examiner responsible for the marketing communications modules, and more recently the Professional Postgraduate Diploma module, Managing Corporate Reputation. In addition to numerous papers published in a range of academic journals, he has written or contributed to over 40 books, including his market leading and internationall recognized textbook, Marketing Communications, now in its seventh edition.

Sara Rosengren is Associate Professor of Marketing at Stockholm School of Economics, where she holds the position as Head of Research at the Center for Retailing. She is also a board member of the European Advertising Academy. Sara's research on creative marketing communications has been published in leading academic journals such as the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, and Journal of Brand Management. She is especially renowned for her work on advertising equity and in 2015 she was ranked as one of the top 5% of advertising researchers worldwide. Sara is passionate about bridging the gap between the marketing academy and practice. She is frequently invited to speak at academic institutions, industry seminars, and company get-togethers and regularly comments on marketing-related phenomena in Swedish media.

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Principles of Marketing
    1: Marketing Principles and Practice
    2: Consumer Buying Behaviour
    3: Marketing Research and Customer Insight
    Part 2: Marketing Management and Strategy
    4: The Marketing Environment
    5: Marketing Strategy
    6: Market Segmentation and Positioning
    7: International Market Development
    Part 3: Managing Marketing Programmes
    8: New Proposition Development and Innovation
    9: Price and Customer Value Decisions
    10: Principles of Marketing Communications
    11: Configuring the Marketing Communications Mix
    12: Digital and Social Media Marketing
    13: Branding Decisions
    Part 4: Principles of Customer Management
    14: Channels, Supply Chains, and Retailing
    15: Services and Relationship Marketing
    16: Business-to-Business Marketing
    Part 5: The Social Impacts of Marketing
    17: Not-For-Profit and Social Marketing
    18: Marketing, Society, Sustainability, and Ethics


'A comprehensive introductory text that provides students with fundamental theoretical principals of marketing. The theory is well explained and illustrated throughout by relevant examples.' - Denise Daniels, Newcastle University

'An excellent introduction to Marketing from a managerial and academic perspective. Engages students with the right balance between theory and marketing practice.' - Wybe Popma, Brighton Business School

'An extremely engaging and interactive text, and a truly helpful resource to anyone studying marketing. Would highly recommend!' - Chloe Lansbury, student, Aston University

'These very experienced authors have remained ahead of the field with another lively and readable textbook that fully covers contemporary marketing. A fantastic introduction to marketing for students.' - Professor Michael A J Saren, University of Leicester

'This wonderfully comprehensive textbook has been fully updated for content, relevance, and practical ease of use in an online world. Marketing touches every facet of the business process and this book shows you how.' - David Pearson, Master, The Worshipful Company of Marketing, international marketing expert and author of The 20 Ps of Marketing

Additional Resources

The book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre that features:

Generic resources:
Practitioner Insight videos
Library of video links

Student resources:
Author Audio Podcasts
Multiple choice questions
Flashcard glossaries
Employability guidance and marketing careers insights
Internet activities
Research insights
Web links

Lecturer resources:
VLE content
Powerpoint Slides
Test bank
Essay Questions
Tutorial Activities
Marketing Resource Bank
Pointers on Answering Discussion questions
Figures and Tables from the book
Transcripts to accompany the practitioner insight videos.

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