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Managing and Shaping Innovation

Steve Conway and Fred Steward

April 2009

ISBN: 9780199262267

504 pages

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Managing and Shaping Innovation provides a comprehensive analysis of innovation, including developments in theory, perspectives on innovation and the management of innovation.

  • Includes a network perspective on innovation which provides a distinctive lens and approach for studying and understanding innovative activity within and between organisations.
  • Uses up-to-date illustrations and case studies showing students the relvancy of the theory.
  • Takes an analytical and critical approach to the presentation of research and theory, encouraging students to evaluate the material.
  • The extensive topic coverage and thorough deiscussion give students a comprehensive overview of the subject.

About the Author(s)

Steve Conway, Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Management, School of Management, University of Bath, and Fred Steward, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business School, Brunel University

Table of Contents

    PART ONE: Building the Foundations
    1: Introduction: Key Themes, Concepts and Definitions in the Study of Innovation
    2: Tensions, Paradox and Contradictions in Managing Innovation
    3: Innovation from a Network Perspective
    PART TWO: Strategy and the Mapping of Innovation and Technological Progress
    4: The Patterns of Innovation within the Life Cycle of a Technology
    5: Technological Regimes, Trajectories, Transitions, Discontinuity, and Long Waves
    6: Innovation Strategies
    PART THREE: The Management of Innovation Within Organizations
    7: Organizing for Innovation: Organization Structure and Culture
    8: Managing the Innovation Process
    9: Social Networks and Informality in the Innovation Process
    PART FOUR: The Impact of Context on the Management and 'Shaping' of Innovation
    10: The Sources of Innovation: The Role of Users, Suppliers, and Competitors, in the Innovation Process
    11: The Transformative Capacity of Innovation and Innovation Systems