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Legal Skills

Sixth Edition

Emily Finch and Stefan Fafinski

March 2017

ISBN: 9780198784715

504 pages

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Price: £29.99

The number one best-selling legal skills guide, covering all the practical and academic skills a student needs throughout their studies



The best-selling legal skills textbook in the market, Legal Skills is the essential guide for law students, encompassing all the academic and practical skills in one manageable volume.

  • Self-test questions and practical activities throughout give students the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to tackling a wide range of legal skills
  • Equips students with all the skills they need from finding and using cases at the start of their degree through to final year exams and dissertations
  • Diagrams, screenshots and examples used throughout to illustrate key concepts
  • Accompanied by a comprehensive Online Resource Centre which features videos of 'real life' mooting practice which bring the subject to life, as well as examples of good and bad answers to practical exercises with commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of each answer, and many more resources

New to this edition

  • New guidance on using feedback as a tool to improve performance and tips on moving from a 2:2 to a 2:1 and a 2:1 to a 1st
  • Includes a new section on legal ethics and codes of professional conduct; significant updates to cover OSCOLA referencing; and an updated look at negotiation skills, including a brand new scenario
  • Increased coverage on presentations skills, including the use of video as a visual aid and the use of Prezi as an alternative to PowerPoint/Keynote
  • New coverage and commentary on the UK referendum on continued membership of the EU

About the Author(s)

Emily Finch and Stefan Fafinski

Emily Finch is an experienced law lecturer and has taught criminal law, criminal evidence and cybercrime at a number of institutions. Her overarching research interest is in public perceptions of crime and criminality and the impact of technology on criminal activity, especially the criminogenic potential of the internet. She has a particular interest in jury decision-making and has conducted a number of empirical studies that explore factors that influence jury verdicts in rape, theft and fraud trials. Her work on identity theft won the Joseph Lister Award in 2005 and her current research focus is on dishonesty and the niche vulnerability of older internet users.

Stefan Fafinski has extensive experience in teaching intellectual property law, cyberlaw, and cybercrime. He is interested in the social factors that influence the misuse of information technology and the challenges that networked technologies present in general. He won the Joseph Lister Award for his work on the social aspects of computer crime in 2006.

Table of Contents

    PART I: Sources of Law
    1: Legislation
    2: Finding legislation
    3: Using legislation
    4: Case law
    5: Finding cases
    6: Using cases
    7: Books, journals and official publications
    8: Finding books, journals and official publications
    PART II: Academic Legal Skills
    9: Study skills
    10: Writing skills
    11: Legal reasoning
    12: Referencing and avoiding plagiarism
    13: Essay writing
    14: Dissertations
    15: Answering problem questions
    16: Revision and examination skills
    PART III: Practical Legal Skills
    17: Presentation skills
    18: Mooting skills
    19: Negotiation skills


Review from previous edition The best book in the area! - Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella, Lecturer, School of Law, University of Leicester

An essential, invaluable textbook for all students on the journey through their law degree and beyond - Roger Thomas, Senior Lecturer in Law, Anglia Ruskin University

A book the students will keep with them and use throughout their degree - Dr Kate Harrington, Lecturer in Law, Exeter University

Legal Skills stands out as the best skills book, guiding the reader whilst encouraging them to develop ideas further - Sukhninder Panesar, Head of Department, University of Wolverhampton

Brilliant, user friendly, easy to read and understand. It is designed to help students rather than to show off how clever the authors are - Laura Sharp, Senior Lecturer in Law, Robert Gordon University

An excellent, student friendly introduction to research, practical legal skills and study techniques - Vince Pescod, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Huddersfield

Clear, accessible, comprehensive: a book for today's students - David den Dunnen LLM, Lecturer in Law, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The textbook enables students to improve their skill set and works as a foundation text for skills needed on their other modules - Joseph Corkin, Senior Lecturer in Law, Middlesex University

One of the best skills books for law students on the market - Tom Frost, Lecturer, University of Sussex

Additional Resources

For lecturers:
Test bank of 200 multiple choice questions
Diagrams available to download electronically

For students:
Answers to self test questions
Glossary and web links
Video clips of good and bad practice for mooting, negotiations and presentations
Web links to allow you to easily research those topics that are of a particular interest to you
Lecture notes to show different methods of recording information
Writing skills advice
Advice on referencing and avoiding plagiarism
Essay skills
Dissertation guidance
Sample answers to problem questions
Focus on different answer approaches to exam questions
A worked example of a presentation
Mooting skills, including preparation and a skeleton argument, includes answers to practical activities in the book
Guidance through a negotiation skills scenario

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