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Land Law

Chris Bevan

March 2018

ISBN: 9780198789765

648 pages

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Price: £32.99

The most engaging analysis of land law's key themes, developing a sophisticated understanding through a straightforward style.



Academically rigorous yet welcoming and fully attuned to the needs of the student reader, Chris Bevan's 'Land Law' represents a new breed of textbook, blending traditional and contemporary teaching approaches to guide its readers to a confident understanding of the subject.

  • The author's clear, engaging writing style speaks directly to students and anticipates their questions, enabling the book to present a sophisticated analysis of the law that does not overwhelm or confuse readers
  • 90 carefully-constructed diagrams and flowcharts set out the material in intuitive visual formats, providing bird's eye views of topics and concepts and thereby aiding understanding
  • Key cases for each topic are succinctly summarized in a 'facts', 'legal issue', 'judgment' format to provide students with a clear sense of why they are important and to pique their interest, providing a springboard for independent reading of the primary sources
  • 'Future directions' sections at the end of each chapter epitomize the book's forward-looking, horizon-scanning perspective, proving to students that land law remains active and relevant, and encouraging a critical approach to the status quo
  • The book provides focused yet comprehensive coverage, closely mapped to LLB courses and aligned with subject trends and priorities - unregistered land is covered in appropriate brevity, and a full chapter is devoted to the increasingly-important topic of land law and human rights

About the Author(s)

Chris Bevan, Assistant Professor in Property Law, University of Nottingham

Chris Bevan was educated at the University of Cambridge and is Assistant Professor in Property Law at the University of Nottingham, having previously practised as a common law barrister, specializing in housing and family law. He has also been a tutor on the Bar Professional Training Course and maintains strong links with the legal practice world, including in his capacity as Director of External Relations for the School of Law. Chris is passionate about developing and utilising the latest pedagogy and teaching methods, and he has been short-listed for and awarded a number of teaching and innovation prizes, gaining a prestigious Lord Dearing Award in 2015 for outstanding achievement in enhancing the student learning experience and becoming a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2017.

Table of Contents

    1: Introduction to land law
    2: Principles of registered land
    3: Unregistered land
    4: Adverse possession
    5: Co-ownership
    6: Interests in the family home
    7: Licences and proprietary estoppel
    8: Leases
    9: The law of easements and profits
    10: Covenants in freehold land
    11: The law of mortgages
    12: Land law and human rights


"We've been waiting for a book like Bevan's for a while – one which balances depth with clarity. It combines all the elements of one's favourite land law texts, offering detailed analysis, clear presentation of the law, and useful pedagogic features. Students will find that the questions that occur to them as they read are consistently addressed and addressed very well." - Dr Michael John-Hopkins, Senior Lecturer in Law, Oxford Brookes University

"This is the best property law book I've read - it really whet my appetite for the subject. I found the diagrams unbelievably helpful (most textbooks don't have enough) and they really helped me to understand the law." - Steph Potter, LLB student, University of York

"What stands out about this book is the clarity and coherence of its explanations. It is fresh and easy to read, providing a clear and useful analysis of the law, integrating academic opinion, and making good use of diagrams to help students." - Dr Sean Thomas, Associate Professor in Law, Durham University

"This text is excellent at providing a good amount of detail without making the reader feel swamped with information. Its direct, engaging conversational style makes it perfect for LLB students." - Emily Allbon, Senior Lecturer in Law, City, University of London

Additional Resources

The text will be accompanied by extensive online resources including a test bank of questions, animated diagrams, 'Wider Debates' podcasts from the author, 'Leading Lawyers' Perspectives' videos, advice on answering essay and problem questions, updates on changes in the law and new cases, and links to useful websites.

The ‘Re-Imagining the Teaching of Land Law’ workshop held at the University of Birmingham and funded by CEPLER enabled discussions about the teaching of land law - what works and what doesn't. A report summarising the day's discussions can be downloaded here.

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