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Land Law

Ben McFarlane, Nicholas Hopkins, and Sarah Nield

April 2017

ISBN: 9780198735328

488 pages

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Core Texts Series

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Authoritative, analytical, concise.



Authoritative, analytical, and concise, McFarlane, Hopkins and Nield's Land Law provides succinct coverage on the core areas without sacrificing depth or detail. The authors' unique approach to land law arms students with the tools to apply an independent, critical thought process to the content covered in classes and assessments.

  • Incorporates the authors' unique approach to land law which helps students understand how rules work in isolation as well as how they interlink. This approach benefits them with the tools to accomplish high-level analysis quickly.
  • The most succinct, high-level textbook available in this area, allowing students to focus on gaining a sophisticated and thorough understanding of the core elements
  • Depth and detail is presented in context, guiding students through the maze of abstract topics
  • Significant cases are emphasized in the text and are used to illustrate rules while diagrams clarify key points for visual learners
  • Further reading lists accompany each chapter to direct additional research, and end-of-chapter questions give students an opportunity to test their knowledge

About the Author(s)

Ben McFarlane, Professor of Law, University College London, Nicholas Hopkins, Law Commissioner for England and Wales and Professor of Law, University of Reading, and Sarah Nield, Professor of Law, University of Southampton

Ben McFarlane is Professor of Law at University College London. He has published a number of articles on land law in leading journals and is the author of The Law of Proprietary Estoppel (OUP, 2014) and The Structure of Property Law (Hart, 2008). He is also a contributing editor of Snells's Equity.

Nicholas Hopkins is a Law Commissioner for England and Wales and Professor of Law at the University of Reading. He has published widely on land law and has a particular interest in law and the family home. He is chair of the board of Modern Studies in Property Law, an academic member of the Property Bar Association and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Prior to his appointment as Commissioner he taught land law for over twenty years.

Sarah Nield is a Professor of Property Law at Southampton University. She has been teaching land law since 1982, having previously held posts at Hong Kong University and the University of Bristol. She has also taught conveyancing, equity and trusts and company law. She has published widely in the area of property law both in this jurisdiction and Hong Kong. She is also a qualified solicitor.

Table of Contents

    1: What is land law?
    2: Human rights
    3: Personal and property rights
    4: Registered title and the acquisition of legal estates
    5: The acquisition of equitable interests
    6: Trusts of land
    7: Leases
    8: Mortgages and security interests in land
    9: Easements
    10: Freehold covenants
    11: The defences question
    12: Concepts and contexts


"Exceptionally clear, structured presentation of issues. Strikes a good balance between description and analysis, painting a comprehensive picture of the debates. " - Dr Aruna Nair, Lecturer in Property Law, King's College London

"Encourages students to think at a sophisticated level but takes them gently by the hand so they can reach these heights comfortably. " - Dr Jane Bryan, Principal Teaching Fellow, University of Warwick

"Concise and precise. The book is fresh and brings a new approach to land law, exploring the elements in a clear and focused way, making it easy for students to grasp both the essential points and the importance of this subject area. " - Dr Thomas Dunk, Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire

Additional Resources

This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which features web links to guide further research and legal updates to keep students abreast of the latest legal developments.

The ‘Re-Imagining the Teaching of Land Law’ workshop held at the University of Birmingham and funded by CEPLER enabled discussions about the teaching of land law - what works and what doesn't. A report summarising the day's discussions can be downloaded here.