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International Business

Peter J. Buckley, Peter Enderwick, and Adam R. Cross

March 2018

ISBN: 9780199602094

736 pages

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Practical, theoretical, global: provides thorough grounding in economic and international business theory complemented by cases, examples, and IB insights from a diverse range of companies and cultures.



Practical, theoretical, global: provides thorough grounding in economic and international business theory complemented by cases, examples, and IB insights from a diverse range of companies and cultures.

  • Provides a thorough grounding in economic and international business theory alongside other perspectives, including social anthropology, political economy and management.
  • The multiple perspectives explored are synthesized by the overarching Global Factory framework developed by Peter J. Buckley to provide a coherent and accessible model for understanding how businesses operate globally.
  • Complemented by engaging examples and extended cases from a wide range of countries and cultures, including emerging markets, to provide a truly international approach to international business.
  • Examples and cases link to management practices prepare students for the challenges faced in the real world of business.
  • Additional learning features, including IB challenges and topics for debate, encourage students to view international business through a critical lens.
  • The accompanying online resources, which include extra case studies, tutorial activities, web links, student questions, and a comprehensive instructor's manual, provide extensive support for lecturers and students.

About the Author(s)

Peter J. Buckley, Professor of International Business and Founder Director of the Business Confucius Institute, University of Leeds, Peter Enderwick, Professor of International Business, Auckland University of Technology, and Adam R. Cross, Professor of International Business and Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, International Business School Suzhou, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Peter J. Buckley is Professor of International Business, Founder Director of the Business Confucius Institute, and Founder Director of the Centre for International Business, University of Leeds, UK. He is a Fellow of AIB, BAM, EIBA, the Academy of Social Sciences, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). He was President of the Academy of International Business from 2002 to 2004 and Chair of the European International Business Academy from 2009 to 2012. He was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2012 for services to higher education, international business and research, and elected a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA) in 2014.

Peter Enderwick is a specialist in the field of international business. He is currently Professor of International Business at AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand. Between 1988 and 2004 he was Professor of International Management at the University of Waikato, Hamilton. He has held visiting positions at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business, Finland, the University of South Australia, Adelaide, Thammasat Business School, Bangkok and the Centre for International Business, University of Leeds. His research interests are in globalisation and labour, service sector multinationals, and large emerging markets, particularly China and India.

Adam R. Cross is Professor of International Business and Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching at International Business School Suzhou (IBSS), Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU). From 1996 to 2013 he worked in the Centre for International Business, University of Leeds (CIBUL). He has co-edited three books, and has contributed to more than thirty five book chapters and articles in internationally refereed journals, including Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, International Business Review, and Management International Review. His research focuses on the internationalisation of Asian multinational firms, and the cross-border licensing and management of intellectual property.

Table of Contents

    Part One: Context and Rationale
    1: Introduction to International Business
    2: Theories of the International Firm
    3: International Business in Context
    4: International Trade Theory and the Firm
    Part Two: The External Environment
    5: The Institutional Dimension
    6: The Political Dimension
    7: The Societal Dimension
    8: The Economic Dimension
    Part Three: Managing the Global Factory
    9: Foreign Operations Strategies
    10: Corporate Social Responsibility
    11: Marketing Strategies
    12: International Production and Logistics Strategies
    13: Global Innovation Management
    14: Financial Management Strategies
    15: Human Resources Management Strategies
    16: Cross-cultural Management Strategies
    17: Formulating the Strategic Response
    18: Implementing the Strategic Response
    19: Conclusions


"The world of international business is changing rapidly and this new text provides students with a timely update on recent developments in theory, practice and policy. Written by three leading experts in the field the book provides a rigorous and accessible review of key issues. It explains not only what is happening today, but why it is happening, and what this means for managers, policy-makers and researchers." - Professor Mark Casson, Univeristy of Reading

"A well-conceived, written and presented textbook... I anticipate this becoming a key resource for business schools internationally." - Dr Jennifer Johns, Senior Lecturer in International Business, University of Liverpool

"A well-researched text that integrates international business theory and interesting case studies. Supports critical discussion of international business issues and helps learners to engage with and reflect on the complexities of international business contexts." - Dr Roseline Wanjiru, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader, Northumbria University

"At the beginning of the 2000s one of the three authors asked the provoking and contentious question: Is the international business research agenda running out of steam? This textbook is proof to the contrary; that international business is more relevant and vibrant than ever before. Numerous topical and updated real-life cases complement and give life to proven and new theories and concepts, such as the global factory. This international business textbook certainly sets a new standard in the field." - Professor Bent Petersen, Copenhagen Business School

"This International Business textbook is a welcome addition to existing IB teaching materials. The authors use the global factory as their basic model for understanding current international business organizations and take care throughout the book to explicitly discuss how the topics in each chapter have implications for the global factory and how it is organized and managed. At the same time, interesting business cases of various lengths, and very importantly, covering diverse international settings, as well as debate questions and challenges related to theory and practice, provide the input for stimulating interactive classes. Supported by a pleasant and structured lay-out this lively textbook has all the elements in place for successful international business education the world over." - Dr Rian Drogendijk, University of Groningen

"This book is a momentous effort, covering a comprehensive spectrum of issues related to international business, from the traditional ones of exporting and foreign direct investment, to current concerns about corporate social responsibility and anti-globalization sentiments. Solidly grounded on the the global factory framework, it is a unique and well-written textbook that systematically deals with both operative and strategic aspects of international business." - Professor Gabriel R.G. Benito, BI Norwegian Business School

Additional Resources

This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which includes the following:
For students:
· Links to seminal articles as highlighted in the Research Insights feature, with commentary encouraging students to critique them
· Internet activities to develop research skills, data collection and analysis skills
· Web links to sources of data accompanied by a brief critical commentary and user guide
· Multi-choice questions with instant feedback
· IB decision-aids

For lecturers:
· Shorter case (1,000-2,000 words) and longer case study (3,000 words or more) with exemplar answers
· Links to video clips including a short paragraph of critical commentary
· Comprehensive customizable PowerPoint slides
· Test bank (20 questions per chapter)
· Tutorial activities
· Suggested assignment and discussion questions
· Instructor's manual including the authors' thoughts on the case study questions, IB challenges and topics for debate features

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