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Intellectual Property Law

Text, Cases, and Materials

Third Edition

Tanya Aplin and Jennifer Davis

January 2017

ISBN: 9780198743545

984 pages

Text, Cases, and Materials

Price: £42.99

The most comprehensive discussion of the law and its ethical context using extracts from a wide range of cases and materials to encourage thoughtful debate.



This book combines extracts from major cases and secondary materials with critical commentary to provide a complete resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students of intellectual property law.

  • Focuses on domestic intellectual property law, while placing it firmly in its international context to allow students to gain a broad and thorough understanding of the intellectual property as a global subject
  • Combines well-chosen extracts from case law and secondary materials with stimulating commentary to give students a wide variety of practical and academic perspectives
  • Provides an extensive selection of relevant further reading throughout each chapter which allows students to use the textbook as a springboard for further research

About the Author(s)

Tanya Aplin, Lecturer in Law, School of Law, King's College, London, and Jennifer Davis, Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge

Table of Contents

    1: An introduction to intellectual property
    2: Copyright I: history, justifications, sources of law, and subsistence
    3: Copyright II: authorship, ownership, exploitation, term, moral rights, and economic rights
    4: Copyright III: infringement, exceptions, and database right
    5: Passing off
    6: Trade marks I: justifications, registration, and absolute grounds for refusal of registration
    7: Trade marks II: the relative grounds for refusal of registration, infringement, and remedies
    8: Trade marks III: defences, the loss of a trade mark, and exhaustion of rights
    9: Breach of confidence
    10: Privacy, personality, and publicity
    11: Patents I: justifications, registration, patentable subject matter, and industrial application
    12: Patents II: novelty, inventive step, sufficiency, and support
    13: Patents III: infringement, exceptions, and entitlement
    14: Industrial designs

Additional Resources

This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which contains updates on the law and an online chapter Intellectual property in action.

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