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English Legal System

Second Edition

Steve Wilson, Helen Rutherford, Tony Storey, and Natalie Wortley

April 2016

ISBN: 9780198747949

704 pages

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The strongest foundation for students: clear, complete, contextualised.



Clear, complete, and contextualized; this guide to the English legal system provides the strongest foundation for students at the start of their studies. Straightforward explanations of key topics are paired with learning features showcasing the law in its everyday context to give students a firm grasp on the fundamentals of the legal system.

  • Covers a wide range of topics without overwhelming students with detail, allowing students to feel confident in their understanding of the essentials
  • Helps students to reflect on key issues and consider areas for debate, providing a rounded view of the system and an awareness of the controversies and areas for reform, giving them a good grounding for the rest of their studies
  • An introductory chapter provides valuable advice on studying the English legal system and making the transition from school to university, helping students to adapt quickly to their new studies
  • The 'talking point' feature and numerous examples put the law in its everyday context and show students the practical implications of the concepts they study

New to this edition

  • New full chapter on alternative dispute resolution, to help students to understand this important topic
  • Expanded coverage of tribunals, civil procedure, and funding to provide greater detail in these areas
  • Video links and web links added to the Online Resource Centre to enable students to explore the subject further

About the Author(s)

Steve Wilson, Principal Lecturer, Northumbria University Newcastle, Helen Rutherford, Senior Lecturer & Solicitor, Northumbria University Newcastle, Tony Storey, Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University Newcastle, and Natalie Wortley, Principal Lecturer, Northumbria University Newcastle

Table of Contents

    1: Studying English legal system
    2: English legal system: an overview
    3: Legislation and the law-making process
    4: The interpretation of statutes
    5: The doctrine of judicial precedent
    6: The law and institutions of the European Union
    7: Human rights and fundamental freedoms
    8: The judiciary
    9: The legal profession
    10: The jury
    11: Access to justice
    12: The criminal process: the suspect and the police
    13: The criminal process: pre-trial and trial
    14: Sentencing
    15: The civil process
    16: Criminal and civil appeals
    17: Tribunals
    18: Alternative dispute resolution


A fantastic introduction to the English legal system; an accessible text which encourages students to critically analyse the system's processes and doctrines. - Gayatri Patel, Lecturer in Law, Aston University

Comprehensive, clear, and easy to navigate, this text provides a detailed and contextual introduction to the English Legal System. - Augustina Akoto, Senior Lecturer, University of East London

Additional Resources

Supported by an Online Resource Centre, featuring the following resources:

For students:
- Self-test questions to allow students to test their knowledge
- A sample Act of Parliament to guide students through reading legislation
- Web links to aid students in reading around the topics
- Links to video material to allow students to engage with subject areas
- A guide to reading cases to help students build up this key skill for their study of law
- Updates to the law to explain any key changes

For lecturers:
- Diagrams from the book for use in presentations

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