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Criminal Law

Text, Cases, and Materials

Eighth Edition

Jonathan Herring

April 2018

ISBN: 9780198811817

944 pages

Text, Cases, and Materials

Price: £39.99

A leading student criminal law text - Herring's unique approach of separating out the doctrinal and theoretical aspects of the law makes this a must-have resource.



Jonathan Herring's unique and bestselling approach of separating out the doctrinal and theoretical aspects of the law, alongside expertly selected extracts, makes this book enduringly popular with students and teachers.

  • A unique two-part approach to covering both doctrinal and theoretical criminal law makes the text appropriate across a wide range of levels and abilities
  • The inclusion of extracts from case judgments and critical academic writings deepens students' engagement with the subject
  • Further reading suggestions and questions at the end of individual sections allow students to reflect on the content and offer clarity on where to find extra coverage
  • The structure is closely tailored to criminal law courses ensuring that the text provides all of the commentary and materials needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of each topic

New to this edition

  • Coverage of developments in the law of causation, diminished responsibility, self-defence, and accessorial liability
  • New academic commentary from a wide selection of authors, including, Victor Tadros, Marcia Baron, Lindsay Farmer, and Alex Sharpe
  • Coverage of new cases, including, Austen v CPS [2016], Hudson v CPS [2017], Pinkney v DPP [2017], R v Anwar [2016], R v Bawa-Garba [2016], R v Conroy [2017], R v Hewlett [2016], R v Joyce and Kay [2017], R v Marcantoni [2016], R v Qosja [2016], R v Rose [2017], R v Scott [2017], R v Uddin [2017], R v Valentine [2017], R v Varley [2017], R v Wilson (Michael) [2017]
  • The provision of online answer guidance to end-of-section questions has been expanded, allowing students to test their growing understanding of the law

About the Author(s)

Jonathan Herring, Professor of Law, Exeter College, Oxford

Jonathan Herring is Professor of Law at Exeter College, University of Oxford. He is a widely published author across several disciplines, including criminal law, family law, and legal ethics.

Table of Contents

    1: An introduction to criminal law
    2: Actus reus: the conduct element
    3: Mens rea: the mental element
    4: Strict liability
    5: Homicide
    6: Non-fatal non-sexual offences against the person
    7: Sexual offences
    8: Theft, handling, and robbery
    9: Fraud
    10: Burglary and blackmail
    11: Criminal damage
    12: Defences
    13: The criminal liability of corporations
    14: Inchoate offences
    15: Complicity

Additional Resources

This text is accompanied by the following online resources:
For students -
· Updates to the law following publication
· Useful web links
· Guidance on answering selected questions in the book
· An introductory video from the author

For lecturers -
· A test bank of multiple choice questions

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