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Business Law

Fifth Edition

James Marson and Katy Ferris

June 2018

ISBN: 9780198766285

744 pages

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Price: £36.99

The only textbook to unpack a realistic business scenario throughout each chapter; helping students approach the law with confidence.



Written with business students in mind, Business Law puts the law into a context that they can grasp easily. Case studies open each chapter and readers are regularly asked to consider how the content applies to routine business problems so that they fully engage with the topics, understand, and can approach the law independently with confidence.

  • Learning outcomes are presented at the start of chapters to provide students with a roadmap of the content ahead while case facts and their impact are integrated in the chapters to help students visualize the course of events and understand their importance
  • Chapters close with a summary of the core content covered, serving as a helpful recap and useful revision aid
  • Further reading suggestions guide students that want to deepen their knowledge, including well-maintained and trusted websites, Twitter feeds, and YouTube channels in addition to suitable books and articles
  • Sample problem and essay questions can be found at the end of each chapter, providing students with an opportunity to test their understanding and practise for assessments. Indicative answers can be found with the online resources accompanying this book.
  • The first chapter introduces why it is important for business students to understand legal concepts and provides helpful tips on how to approach assessments, including an example problem question with a model answer

New to this edition

  • Brand new features including case studies which open each chapter demonstrating an everyday problem that might affect a business, employer, employee, or civilian and the legal repercussions. These 'Business Scenarios' will help students engage with the law and appreciate its impact on routine situations. employers, employees and civilians. 'Consider' boxes appear throughout the chapters and relate the issues raised in the case studies to the content. They will help students make sense of the finer details and encourage them to think independently about how the law applies.
  • A sample problem question and model answer has been introduced to the first chapter, enabling students to see how they can approach assessments
  • Further case summaries have been added throughout, helping students to visualize what happened and in turn making it easier for them to grasp the importance of key cases

About the Author(s)

James Marson, Reader in Law and Head of Research for Law, Sheffield Hallam University, and Katy Ferris, Assistant Professor in Business Law, Nottingham University

Dr James Marson is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Reader in Law. He is Head of Research for Law at Sheffield Hallam University.

Dr Katy Ferris is Fellow of the Higher Education Authority and Assistant Professor in Business Law at Nottingham University Business School.

Table of Contents

    Part 1 Introduction
    1: Studying law
    Part 2 The English Legal System
    2: Law, the constitution, EU membership and human rights
    3: Sources of law, statutory interpretation, and the legislative process
    4: The court structure and alternative forms of dispute resolution
    Part 3 Contractual Obligations
    5: Essential features of a valid contract 1: offer and acceptance
    6: Essential features of a valid contract 2: consideration, intention to create legal relations, and certainty of terms
    7: Contracts, contractual capacity, mistake, misrepresentation, and duress
    8: Contractual terms
    9: Statutory regulation of contracts
    10: Discharge of contract and remedies for breach
    Part 4 Tortious Liability
    11: Negligence and nuisance
    12: Economic loss, the liability of professional advisors, and psychiatric injury
    13: Vicarious liability and statutory duties
    Part 5 Company Law
    14: Trading structures and forming the business enterprise
    15: Corporate administration
    16: Maintenance of finance and capital
    17: Corporate management
    Part 6 Agency Law
    18: Agency
    Part 7 Employment
    19: Employment status and the terms forming the contract
    20: Dismissal at common law; redundancy and the transfer of undertakings
    21: Unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal
    22: Equality in the workplace and parental rights
    23: Regulation of the conditions of employment
    Part 8 Intellectual Property
    24: Intellectual property


"The inclusion of business scenarios is an excellent touch, enabling students to contextualize the legal content." - Zaman Kala, Associate Lecturer in Law, University of Bolton

"A concise business law book that provides a well-structured approach to understanding the topics. The book's distinctive edge is that it is more interactive than other books." - Dr John Wood, Lecturer in Law, University of Central Lancashire

Additional Resources

This book is accompanied by a suite of online resources including:
- Multiple-choice questions with instant feedback
- Indicative answers to the end-of-chapter questions
- Flashcard cases to students memorize important key cases and their facts
- An interactive flashcard glossary
- Sample legal forms referenced in the book
- PowerPoint slides for lecturers, covering the key points from each chapter in the book

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