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Law Teacher of the Year Award

Attracting the best talent.

Five law teachers have now been shortlisted for the second round of the 2019 Law Teacher of the Year award.

The candidates are:

N_Allen_LTOTY19Neil Allen – The University of Manchester

“I am simply lucky to be doing what I love: teaching, writing, training, and advocating in mental health, capacity and human rights law.”

Neil Allen is a Senior Lecturer, Barrister, and Clinical Lead at the University of Manchester where he teaches advocacy and the law, and mental health law.

Neil was nominated by a student and the Head of Teaching and Learning; they noted his remarkable enthusiasm and appetite for his areas of expertise and his contemporary approach to lecturing.

L_Yeatman_LTOTY19Lucy Yeatman – The University of Liverpool

“I believe that active learning is necessary and that I need to help the students to process information and ideas to understand the complexity of the law.”

Lucy Yeatman is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, where her focus is on teaching clinical legal skills.

Lucy was nominated by a colleague and her Head of Department who paid tribute to the way she aims to inspire passion and confidence in her students and build their resilience and self-belief.

S_Germain_LTOTY19Sabrina Germain – City, University of London

“I believe law teachers should provide students with appropriate platforms to voice their interests and opinions in order to cultivate critical thinking.”

Sabrina Germain is a medical and tort law Lecturer at City Law School, University of London.

Nominated by her fellow colleagues, they cited her unique approach to legal education and how she has used her experience of teaching in unconventional environments – such as a maximum security prison in the US – to develop and adapt her teaching methods.

V_Ridler_LTOTY19Victoria Ridler – Birkbeck College, University of London

“My teaching approach is responsive… I am always learning through teaching and learning from my students.”

Victoria Ridler is a Lecturer and Director of the LLB at Birkbeck, University of London, where she teaches contract law and constitutional & administrative law.

She was nominated for the award by two colleagues who called her an “unsung hero”. As well as paying tribute to her teaching style they note that Victoria has been a constant voice on pedagogical practice.

J_Bryan_LTOTY19Jane Bryan – University of Warwick

“I see my role as sharing my passion for learning and encouraging students to experience the thrill of exploring their own scholarly interests.”

Jane Bryan is an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, where she teaches introduction to the law of property relations and medicine and the law. 

Jane decided to swap the courtroom for the campus and now uses storytelling, case-based and problem-based learning to engage her students and ensure they discover and understand how the law applies to practical scenarios.


What happens now?
All campus visits and interviews have now taken place, and the judges are now in the process of deliberating. The winner will be announced at the Celebrating Excellence in Law Teaching conference on the 27th June 2019.