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English Legal System

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The Common Law: A Very Short Introduction


Joshua Getzler

April 2019

Very Short Introductions

The common law dates back to 11th century England and the British Empire. In this Very Short Introduction Joseph Getzler explains the evolution of the common law through the centuries, describing the main institutions; from courts, procedures, and juries, to the main categories of law, including property, tort, contract, and public law.

Cover for 9780199654239

English Legal System Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide

First Edition


Mark Thomas, Claire McGourlay

August 2017


Highest quality revision and study guides for use alongside core reading to help consolidate knowledge, focus learning, and maximise potential.

Cover for 9780198785439

The English Legal System

Sixth Edition


Alisdair Gillespie, Siobhan Weare

July 2017

Paints a vivid picture of the English legal system, giving students the confidence to analyse, evaluate, and critique the law.

Cover for 9780198802488

Introduction to the English Legal System 2017-2018

Twelfth Edition


Martin Partington

May 2017

The most concise, annually updated introduction by an author active in law reform get students involved in debates from day one of their degree.

Cover for 9780198785903

Legal Systems & Skills

Third Edition


Scott Slorach, Judith Embley, Peter Goodchild, Catherine Shephard

April 2017

The only text that fully combines systems and skills, providing an academic and practical foundation for the study of law and beyond.

Cover for 9780198747949

English Legal System

Second Edition


Steve Wilson, Helen Rutherford, Tony Storey, Natalie Wortley

April 2016

The strongest foundation for students: clear, complete, contextualised.

Cover for 9780198745624

Law: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Raymond Wacks

September 2015

Very Short Introductions

Law touches every aspect of our daily lives, and yet the main concepts, terms, and processes of the legal system remain obscure to many. This Very Short Introduction, in its second edition, provides a lucid, accessible guide to modern legal systems, explaining how the law works across our contemporary digital world.

Cover for 9780198735892

First Steps in the Law

Seventh Edition


Geoffrey Rivlin

May 2015

The most readable introduction to law, providing an entertaining overview of the legal system

Cover for 9780199656561

English Legal System in Context 6e

Sixth Edition


Fiona Cownie, Anthony Bradney, Mandy Burton

July 2013

Core areas of the legal system are dealt with through thought-provoking and wide-ranging analysis

Cover for 9780199560189

The Legal System

Fourth Edition


Kate Malleson, Richard Moules

April 2010

Core Texts Series

The Legal System provides a concise explanation and analysis of the institutions, personnel, and procedures that make up the legal system in England and Wales. Summary points, self-test questions, and practical examples help the reader to analyse recent developments and explore key themes and underlying tensions within the legal system.

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