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Cover for 9780198797234

Mayson, French & Ryan on Company Law

Thirty-fourth edition


Derek French

August 2017

The only company law text updated annually, Mayson, French & Ryan balances depth of technical detail and theory with clarity of writing

Cover for 9780198802679

Blackstone's Statutes on Company Law 2017-2018

Twenty-first edition


Derek French

August 2017

Blackstone's Statute Series

Unsurpassed in authority, reliability and accuracy; Blackstone's Statutes, trusted by students for 30 years.

Cover for 9780198724315

The Anatomy of Corporate Law: A Comparative and Functional Approach

Third Edition


Reinier Kraakman, John Armour, Paul Davies, Luca Enriques, Henry Hansmann, Gerard Hertig, Klaus Hopt, Hideki Kanda, Mariana Pargendler, Wolf-Georg Ringe, Edward Rock

January 2017

The Anatomy, written by a team of eleven leading academics at top universities around the world, has established itself as the leading book in the field of comparative corporate law. Across the world, students and scholars, from undergraduates to well-established authorities, routinely consult this book as a starting point for their inquiries.

Cover for 9780198792208

Company Law Revision Pack 2016: Law revision and study guide


Imogen Moore, Lee Roach

August 2016


Company Law Concentrate and Concentrate Q&A Company Law are the ideal companions when you're looking to consolidate knowledge and hone your exam technique.

Cover for 9780198753285

Company Law

Ninth Edition


Alan Dignam, John Lowry

August 2016

Core Texts Series

Provides the perfect balance between depth, succinctness, and accessibility, demystifying complex areas of law.

Cover for 9780198745228

Concentrate Questions and Answers Company Law: Law Q&A Revision and Study Guide

First Edition


Imogen Moore

August 2016

Concentrate Questions & Answers

Highest quality Q&A revision and study guides to help you practise technique, boost your confidence and achieve success.

Cover for 9780198759133

Company Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide

Fourth Edition


Lee Roach

August 2016


Highest quality revision and study guides for use alongside core reading to help consolidate knowledge, focus learning, and maximise potential.

Cover for 9780198722052

Sealy & Worthington's Text, Cases, and Materials in Company Law

Eleventh Edition


Sarah Worthington

July 2016

The best-selling collection of text, cases, and materials in company law, expertly combining vital extracts with sophisticated commentary and questions.

Cover for 9780198722861

Company Law

Fourth Edition


Brenda Hannigan

October 2015

Company Law provides an in-depth, sophisticated but readable account of the major topics commonly studied in company law courses. Hannigan captures the dynamism of the subject, highlights its relevance and topicality and, above all, helps students master its intricacies.

Cover for 9780198746225

Principles of English Commercial Law


Andrew Burrows

September 2015

Students will find this book an invaluable overview of the guiding principles of English commercial law. Written by a leading team of experts, it covers the main topics of Agency, Sale of Goods, Carriage of Goods by Sea and by Air and Land, Insurance, Banking, Bailment, Security, and Insolvency.

Cover for 9780199609321

Company Law in Context: Text and materials

Second Edition


David Kershaw

June 2012

Company Law in Context is an ideal main text for company law courses. In this sophisticated book David Kershaw places company law in its economic, business, and social context, making the cases, statutes, and other forms of regulation more accessible and relevant. A running case study provides a practical perspective.

Cover for 9780199564293

Hicks & Goo's Cases and Materials on Company Law

Seventh Edition


Alan Dignam

April 2011

Hicks & Goo's Cases and Materials on Company Law navigates the complexities of company law with a broad range of materials with clear commentary. It offers detailed coverage of corporate governance issues and includes materials from governmental and non-governmental sources as well as traditional cases and materials.

Cover for 9780199207763

Introduction to Company Law

Second Edition


Paul Davies

September 2010

Clarendon Law Series

This completely revised edition in the renowned Clarendon Law Series provides a structural overview of company law and is aimed at those coming to the subject for the first time and those seeking to put what they have already learned into an organised framework.

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