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Brand Management




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Strategic Brand Management

Fourth Edition


Richard Rosenbaum-Elliott, Larry Percy, Professor Simon Pervan

August 2018

The only textbook that builds upon the traditional branding models to fully explore the emotional, social, and cultural impact real-world brands have on contemporary consumers.

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Branding: A Very Short Introduction


Robert Jones

June 2017

Very Short Introductions

Branding is possibly the most powerful commercial and cultural force on the planet. Robert Jones discusses the vast variety of brands, and why we still fall for them even as we are becoming more brand-aware. Looking at the philosophy and story behind brands, he considers how they work their magic, and what the future for brands might be.

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Fundamentals of Marketing


Paul Baines, Chris Fill, Sara Rosengren, Paolo Antonetti

April 2017

Incorporating the big brand case studies, unique expert insights, and engaging learning features of the best-selling Marketing by Baines, Fill, and Rosengren, Fundamentals of Marketing is the most complete resource for students looking for a briefer guide to build their theoretical understanding of marketing into skilful practice.

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Marketing Semiotics: Signs, Strategies, and Brand Value


Laura R. Oswald

February 2012

The book discusses the concept of brand equity and its impact on the financial performance of a company through analysis of the 'semiotics' of the brand and its sign systems. Including case studies, it provides an actionable strategy for steering brands through internal and external changes and pressures.

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