Released on 28 aug 2014

Announcing the publication of The New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors

• Features 25,000 words and phrases that commonly cause difficulties for writers and editors

• Provides recommended spellings, variant forms, US spellings, confusable words, foreign italicized terms, cultural references, and proper names

• Endorsed by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders

• Drawing on the unrivalled research of Oxford Dictionaries

The New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors is the essential A to Z guide for everyone who works with words. Drawing on the expertise of the Oxford Dictionaries department, it provides authoritative advice on those words and names which raise questions time after time because of spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, and cultural or historical context.

As well as lexical terms, there are many proper names included: from place names and personal names to names of institutions, literary references, and books of the Bible. Entries give full coverage of recommended spellings, variant forms, confusable words, hyphenation, capitalization, foreign and specialist terms, proper names, and abbreviations.

Appendices for quick reference include: Prime Ministers of Great Britain and the United Kingdom; Presidents of the United States of America; Members of the European Union; the Greek alphabet; Diacritics, accents, and special sorts; Mathematical symbols; SI units; Metric prefixes; and Chemical elements.

The New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors is an essential tool for writers, editors, publishers, journalists, and web editors, and together with New Hart's Rules and the New Oxford Spelling Dictionary forms the complete editorial reference set.

28 August 2014| Hardback | £14.99 | 978-0-19-957001-0

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