Released on 28 aug 2014

Announcing the publication of New Hart’s Rules: The Oxford Style Guide Second Edition

• Relied upon by professionals for decades

• Now fully updated for the needs of online publishing

• Endorsed by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders

For over a hundred years, Hart’s Rules has been the authority on style, helping writers and editors prepare copy for publication. The latest edition of this guide has been updated for the twenty-first century using the resources of Oxford Dictionaries and with the advice of publishing experts.

New Hart’s Rules: what’s new?

• Increased focus on the practice of publishing in the digital age, from the submission and presentation of illustrations, to the citation of electronic sources, and the use of XML in the process of indexing

• Entirely new chapter exploring the differences between UK and US English, e.g. lexical variation between the two, spelling differences, and which units of measure are generally utilized

• Fully revised chapter on the presentation of scientific, mathematical, and computing material in published formats, bringing the chapter in line with the latest stylistic conventions

New Hart’s Rules gives guidance on a broad range of topics including publishing terms, layouts and headings, how to treat illustrations, hyphenation, punctuation, and bibliographies and notes. All chapters have been revised and updated to reflect current practice (taking into account changes in the world and in the publishing industry over the last eight years), with the help of a team of experts and consultants.

New Hart's Rules is the essential desk guide for all writers and editors. Together with the New Oxford Spelling Dictionary and the New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors, also published on 28 August 2014, it forms the complete editorial reference set.

28 August 2014 | Hardback & eBook | £14.99 | 9780199570027

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