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Fulcher & Scott: Sociology 4e

Case studies

Click on the links below for short case studies with questions to test yourself on each chapter.

You may also like to see some model answers to case questions to help you when answering the questions at the end of each case study.

Chapter 1
What is sociology?
Chapter 2
Theories and theorising
Chapter 3
Methods and research
Chapter 4
Socialization, identity, and interaction
Chapter 5
Sex, gender, and sexuality
Chapter 6
Racial and ethnic identities
Chapter 7
Crime and deviance
Chapter 8
Body, health, and medicine
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Communication and the media
Chapter 11
Religion, belief, and meaning
Chapter 12
Family and the life course
Chapter 13
Cities and communities
Chapter 14
Organization, management, and control
Chapter 15
The state, social policy and welfare
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Work, employment, and leisure
Chapter 18
Inequality, poverty, and wealth
Chapter 19
Stratification, class, and status
Chapter 20
Power, division, and protest