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Braisby: Cognitive Psychology: A Methods Companion

FTP resources

To download all of the available resources in a single file click the link below to save an .exe file to your computer. Once it has downloaded to your computer double-click the "Braisby resources.exe file" to install all of the files onto your computer.
Download all of the resources

Once the resources have downloaded to your computer you will have four sub-folders, one for each resource. You will not be able to view all the files within these folders, some are required to make the programmes run and contain no useful information for the user. Further information on each folder is available below.

Alternatively, all the resources are available separately using the 'Download file' links below. If you are using more than one resource we strongly recommend that you download the complete set of resources by clicking the link at the top of this page rather than copying the folders individually.

Act-r software, to accompany chapter 3 of the Methods Companion
Download file (ZIP 4.07MB)
In the first folder 'ACT-R' the only files you need to use are the first one 'act' and the word document 'manual'. The others are required to run the programme.

Connectionism software, to accompany chapter 2 of Cognitive Psychology
Download file (ZIP 2.21MB)
In the 'Connectionism' folder there are three sub-folders each containing an application. The only files you need in these are the application and the 'help' files. Everything contained within the 'Data' folder is used to run the programme and you won't be able to view anything in these.

Quantitative methods spreadsheets in Excel and StarOffice and SPSS files, to accompany chapter 6 of the Methods Companion
Download file (ZIP 226KB)
The 'Quantitative methods' folder contains Excel, StarOffice and SPSS files. You will only be able to view the StarOffice files if StarOffice is installed on your computer, and the SPSS files if SPSS is installed on your computer.

Demonstration of auditory perception and attention, to accompany chapter 2 of Cognitive Psychology
Download file (ZIP 9.24MB)
This contains an audio file only

Instructions on how and when to use the resources can be found in the book and instructions on how to use the ACT-R and Connectionism software is contained within the folders holding these programmes.