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Brace: Investigating Psychology

Audio and video content

These audio and video files provide additional material relevant to various chapters from the book. The audio files can be listened to online or can be downloaded to your MP3 player. The video files can be viewed online or downloaded to your PC for viewing offline. To download a file, right-click on the link. Select either 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (slightly different worded options are given depending on the browser you are using).

Chapter 1
Interview with Michael Billig - Part 1 (MP3 audio file)
Interview with Michael Billig - Part 2 (MP3 audio file)
Michael Billig, Professor of Social Sciences at Loughborough University, has conducted research on fascist movements in the UK as well as on Sigmund Freud. In the interview, he talks about the work of Adorno and colleagues, covered in Chapter 1, and about the key ideas of Freud. He also considers the extent to which research on personality can shed light on social phenomena such as fascism or the popularity of the far right. The interview is split into two parts.


Chapter 3
Interview with Sonia Livingstone - Part 1 (WMV video file)
Interview with Sonie Livingstone - Part 2 (WMV video file)
The key message emerging from Chapter 3 as a whole is that the link between the media and children’s behaviour is a complex one, especially because technology is constantly developing and its role in the lives of children is forever changing. This issue is explored in more detail in an interview with Sonia Livingstone, a social psychologist from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and one of the leading experts on the effects of media on children. The interview is split into two parts.


Chapters 4 & 5
Researching animals - Tetsuro Matsuzawa (WMV video file)
Chapters 4 and 5 introduce you to some of the early studies conducted by psychologists using animals. This video was created specifically to extend the material covered in these chapters by looking at more current research. Reading about research that psychologists have conducted with animals is often fascinating, but seeing how the research is conducted is even better. This video introduces you to Tetsuro Matsuzawa’s work with chimpanzees.

Chapter 6
Interview with Carly Butler - Part 1 (MP3 audio file)
Interview with Carly Butler - Part 2 (MP3 audio file)
Chapter 6 introduces you to research conducted on children's friendships. Qualitative methods are covered in this chapter, and these are discussed in this interview with Carly Butler. Butler is a psychologist from Loughborough University who uses qualitative methods to examine children’s interactions in the playground. The interview is split into two parts.