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Snowden, Thompson and Troscianko: Basic Vision (revised edition)

Journal Club

Suggested papers and discussion questions linked to topics covered in the book are provided below. Click the chapter link to open the PDF for that chapter.

Please note that some of the sites you will be directed to from this page require a username and password to access the article. You may need to contact your library to obtain login details.

Chapter 00
Introduction: a trailer to the book (PDF)
Chapter 01
The first steps in seeing (PDF)
Chapter 02
Signalling changes (PDF)
Chapter 03
To the cortex (PDF)
Chapter 04
Spatial vision (PDF)
Chapter 05
Colour vision (PDF)
Chapter 06
The perception of motion (PDF)
Chapter 07
The third dimension (PDF)
Chapter 08
The development of vision (PDF)
Chapter 09
Attention and neglect (PDF)
Chapter 10
The perception of faces (PDF)
Chapter 11
Vision and action (PDF)
Chapter 12
How we know it might be so... (PDF)