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McKinnon: Issues in Political Theory 2e

Chapter 7

Adam Smith Institute
An influential UK-based libertarian think tank.

Broken of Britain
A British disability rights blog and campaign website, covering cuts to welfare and services, discrimination, and other disability-related issues.

Equality Exchange
An archive of manuscripts on equality and social justice, plus details of upcoming conferences.

Equality and Human Rights Commission
An independent British public body, established under the Equalities Act 2006, with a ‘statutory remit to promote and monitor human rights; and to protect, enforce and promote equality across the nine "protected" grounds - age, disability, gender, race, religion and belief, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, sexual orientation and gender reassignment.’

Justice with Michael Sandel
Harvard professor Michael Sandel’s world-famous course on justice is available to watch in its entirety online.

‘Libertarianism and Liberty’ debate (Boston Review)
A debate about the libertarian case for a small state and lower taxes, initiated by T.M. Scanlon, on the Boston Review website.

Marxists Internet Archive
A massive archive of Marx’s and Marxist writings.

Philosophy Bites
Podcasts on the Philosophy Bites website in which the late G.A. Cohen discusses equality, and Jonathan Wolff discusses the meaning of disadvantage.

Race, Gender, and Affirmative Action
A huge collection of resources on race, gender, and affirmative action for teachers and students, maintained by Elizabeth Anderson of the University of Michigan.

Rescuing Justice and Equality: Celebrating the Career of G.A. Cohen
Podcasts of a conference held in 2009 by the Centre for the Study of Social Justice at Oxford, on the work of G.A. Cohen.  Includes papers by a number of well-known theorists of social justice, plus closing remarks from Cohen.