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McKinnon: Issues in Political Theory 2e

Chapter 3

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Home page of the well known British anti-nuclear weapons campaign, including details of their current initiatives.

Catholic Teaching Concerning a Just War
A resource on the Catholic roots of just war theory, and the development of Catholic thinking on war.

Ethics Guide: Ethics of War (BBC)
The BBC’s online introduction to the ethics of war.  Largely lacking in the level of detail required for university scholarship, but the page does include a useful comparison of the perspectives on war of the major world religions.

Human Rights Watch
Home page of the prominent New York-based non-governmental organization, with links to their reports on human rights violations in conflict zones around the world.

Jeff McMahan
McMahan is a highly influential writer on war, whose publications on the topic go back about 30 years.  A great many of them are available here, on his personal web page.

Law of Armed Conflict
Access to the texts of various international conventions, protocols and so on relating to the waging of war, from the University of Minnesota's Human Rights Library.

Michael Walzer (New Republic)
Links to Walzer’s articles on war for New Republic, of which he is a contributing editor.

Philosophy Bites
Podcasts with Jeff McMahan, Richard Norman, and Cécile Fabre, on various aspects of the ethics of war.

Stop the War Coalition
A prominent British anti-war campaign group.

War Report
An large archive of reports and documents relating to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.