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McKinnon: Issues in Political Theory 2e

The resources on this site were compiled and updated by Jeremy Williams of King's College London.

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    • Case studies

      Each chapter is supplemented with a short case study, designed to reinforce your understanding and encourage you to undertake more involved analyses of political scenarios
    • Flashcard glossary

      A series of interactive flashcards containing key terms and concepts to test your understanding of the terminology
    • Links to journal articles

      Access the text of different OUP journal articles for the areas you're interested in
    • Annotated web links

      These point you in the direction of different theoretical debates, important documents, lectures and other relevant sources of information
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    • Class activities

      A suite of activities that encourage class debate have been provided for use by instructors in tutorials and seminars
    • Essay questions

      A suite of questions have been provided for use by instructors in tutorials, seminars and assignments