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Bell: Ethics and World Politics

Additional case studies

The following case studies, written by Christian Schemmel (CS) and Joe Hoover (JH), draw on, extend, and sometimes even challenge the arguments discussed in the chapters in Part III of Ethics and World Politics. They present a wide range of arguments that probe conventional views, raise difficult questions about complex cases, and present alternative viewpoints for careful consideration. As such, they are designed to stimulate further thought and argument.

Chapter 13: Human Rights
Human Rights and the Exploitation of Natural Resources by a Multinational Corporation in a Developing Country (CS)
Chapter 14: Poverty and Global Distributive Justice
Global Inequality and the 'Domestic Institutions Thesis' (CS)
Chapter 15: International Law
What’s Wrong with Constitutionalist Imperialism? (CS)
Chapter 16: The Ethics of War (1): The Just War Tradition
The Gulf War (1990-91) (JH)
Chapter 17: The Ethics of War (2): Critical Alternatives
The 'War on Terror', Enemy Combatants, and 'Bare Life' (JH)
Chapter 18: Humanitarian Intervention
Humanitarian Intervention, Liberal Irony and Human Rights (JH)
Chapter 19: Terrorism
Targeting 'Innocent Civilians' – The Case of Israel and Hamas (CS)
Chapter 20: Citizenship, Immigration, and Boundaries
Social versus Global Justice? (CS)
Chapter 21: Democracy and World Politics
NGO Consultation in IGO Procedures (CS)