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Young & Kent: International Relations since 1945 2e

Chapter 24


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Question 1

Which of these states was not named by President Bush as part of the 'axis of evil' in his 2002 State of the Union address?

Question 2

In September 2002, who said, 'You can't distinguish between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein when you talk about the war on terror'?

Question 3

What official position was held by Hans Blix in early 2003?

Question 4

What codename was given to the 2003 invasion of Iraq?

Question 5

Which event triggered a sustained Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip in mid-2006?

Question 6

Which state was accused of being behind the assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri, in 2005?

Question 7

In which country did the death of Mohammed Bouazizi trigger large-scale disturbances during the 'Arab Spring'?