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Interactive timeline

Get Adobe Flash Player   To view the timeline you will need Adobe Flash Player. This may already be installed on your computer but if the timeline does not open you will need to visit the Adobe website to download a free version of Adobe Flash Player.

The interactive timeline was originally prepared by John Young of the University of Notingham and John Kent of the London School of Economics and Political Science and has been updated by Nathan Roger of Swansea University.

To access the information for a particular year select a six year period from the main dateline, this will display the first year of the six. Navigate between the six years using the second dateline. You can also go straight to the dates of important events using the event markers between the two datelines. Each year of the timeline can be printed using the 'Print' button to the right of the date lines.

Launch the interactive timeline

You can also download all of the timeline content as a pdf file below: