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Kavanagh et al: British Politics 5e

  • Student resources

  • These resources are designed for students

    • Political commentary

      series of short monthly essays analysing current and newsworthy political events in Britain to aid awareness and understanding of current political life.
    • Multiple-choice questions

      10 per chapter supported by instant feedback and page references to the text.
    • Podcasts

      Currently available: Prof Dennis Kavanagh discussing Gordon Brown's premiership
    • Timeline

      interactive political timeline tracing key dates in British Politics.
    • Web links

      annotated web links organised by chapter and designed to point you in the direction of government news, elections and other relevant sources of information that will assist further reading and research.
  • Lecturer resources

  • The following resources are password-protected and for adopting lecturers' use only.

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    • Political commentary & seminar questions

      the same series of short monthly essays as on the student site but accompanied by critical thinking questions for use in seminars and tutorials.
    • Essay questions

      a selection of suggested essay questions for each part of the textbook to develop students' understanding of the key issues in British politics.
    • All figures and tables from the text

      available to download electronically to facilitate lecture preparation.
    • Seminar activities

      suite of suggested questions, activities and assignments arranged by chapter to prompt students to investigate and analyse real world political situations and apply their learning to new situations.
    • Case studies

      one case per chapter for use in seminars or tutorials to reinforce understanding of chapter themes and to encourage more involved situational analyses of political scenarios.