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Fawcett: International Relations of the Middle East 3e

Chapter exercises

The text and questions here build on the themes discussed in the chapter, and sometimes explore a different perspective, or present the issues in a different light. Read the text and, from your own knowledge, or with the help of the books and websites listed underneath, prepare an answer to each question.

The chapter exercises were originally prepared by Ian Belshaw and have been updated by Naysan Rafati of St Antony’s College, University of Oxford.

  • Chapter 1
    • International Relations Theory and the Middle East
  • Chapter 2
    • The Emergence of the Middle East into the Modern State System
  • Chapter 3
    • The Cold War in the Middle East
  • Chapter 4
    • The Middle East since the Cold War
  • Chapter 5
    • Oil and Political Economy in the International Relations of the Middle East
  • Chapter 6
    • The Puzzle of Political Reform in the Middle East
  • Chapter 7
    • The Politics of Identity in Middle East International Relations
  • Chapter 8
    • Islam and International Relations in the Middle East: From Umma to Nation State
  • Chapter 9
    • Alliances and Regionalism in the Middle East
  • Chapter 10
    • Middle East Security: Continuity amid Change
  • Chapter 11
    • Foreign Policymaking in the Middle East: Complex Realism
  • Chapter 12
    • The Arab–Israeli Conflict
  • Chapter 13
    • The Rise and Fall of the Oslo Peace Process
  • Chapter 14
    • The International Politics of the Gulf
  • Chapter 15
    • The War for Regime Change in Iraq
  • Chapter 16
    • The United States in the Middle East
  • Chapter 17
    • Europe in the Middle East