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Caramani: Comparative Politics 2e

Editor's team

Daniele Caramani Patrick Lengg Matthias Meyer-Schwarzenberger Beatrice Eugster

Editor's team

Daniele Caramani has long felt that a textbook on comparative politics was needed that would take a transversal approach. Unlike other introductions to the subject, the chapters in Comparative Politics are not organised around case studies but around specific attributes of polities to be compared, such as the electoral systems of different countries. This allows the students to develop a general framework of analysis and a fair knowledge of the different characteristics of today's polities worldwide.

Concerning this Online Resource Centre, Patrick Lengg was the first one to help, collecting all the data that you can download from the respective section.

Matthias Meyer-Schwarzenberger assembled the Online Resource Centre, authored the country profiles, and designed the 'Interactive Polity Comparator'.

Beatrice Eugster joined the team to update and complement the comparative data in the textbook as well as on this site and produced PowerPoint presentations for the new chapters.

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