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Woolfson & Woolfson: Mathematics for Physics


Note from the authors:

The programs are designed to be used for solving the problems set at the end of chapters of the book. It is strongly advised that before using a program its listing should be examined. All programs are heavily provided with comment statements that enable the algorithm to be followed step by step. To help with understanding the programming, simplicity in their construction has been given preference over efficiency.

All programs are provided in three versions – FORTRAN 77, C and MATLAB. MATLAB is well provided with graphical output facilities but, for computationally intensive calculations, programs written in MATLAB can take longer to run than the compiler-based FORTRAN 77 and C programs. Some programs using the compiler-based languages produce output files that can be used with a graphical package such as GNUPLOT (www.gnuplot.info) to show results in a graphical form.

On entering each program the user is guided by prompts either to insert data or to modify standard provided data. In addition, in some cases where appropriate, users are offered choice of the mode of output.

In addition to solving the set problems the reader may wish to vary the parameters in the programs to run their own problems to gain an understanding of the behaviour of various systems under a variety of conditions. A good deal of physical insight can be gained by this kind of hands-on approach.