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Holland & Rees: Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Skills

Resources for each chapter

  • Chapter 1

    Introduction: The professional and practical context of research and evidence-based nursing practice

  • Chapter 2

    Understanding evidence and its utilization in nursing practice

  • Chapter 3

    Understanding the research process for evidence-based nursing practice

  • Chapter 4

    Research evidence: Qualitative methodologies and methods

  • Chapter 5

    Research evidence: Quantitative Methodologies and Methods

  • Chapter 6

    Searching and retrieving evidence to underpin nursing practice

  • Chapter 7

    Evaluating and appraising evidence to underpin nursing practice

  • Chapter 8

    Evidence-based practice and its implementation in nursing

  • Chapter 9

    Utilizing research and evidence-based practice in assignment work

  • Chapter 10

    Dissemination of evidence: Writing for publication and presentation of learning activity