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Hindle & Coates: Nursing Care of Older People

References from the book

Additional material referenced in the book is available to download here. You should also refer to the Web resources section for further information on some of the topics mentioned in the book.

Chapter 3: Hearing and sight loss

Download the document below which shows some examples of what life might look if you had AMD, cataracts, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy.


You can also download an example of a low vision services pathway (reproduced with kind permission of Dudley NHS).


Chapter 4: Hearing and sight loss

Download the document below which gives some further information on the Coughlan and Grogan cases.


Chapter 5: Carers, families, and single householders in the community

See a sample carer’s assessment tool, reproduced with the kind permission of Lincolnshire County Council.


Chapter 15: Hygiene, infection control, and the older adult

Some further information and exercises on healthcare-associated infections are available here.


Chapter 16: Pain and its pharmacological management in older adults

Download a table giving information on pain medication.