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Coyne, Neill & Timmins: Clinical Skills in Children's Nursing

Videos of key skills

Click on the links below to view video clips of a selection of key clinical skills from the book.

To download a file, right-click on the link. Select either 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (slightly different worded options are given depending on the browser you are using). The clips are formatted for download via a broadband connection and are suitable for viewing on a computer or intranet.

Lecturers please note: if you are an adopting lecturer and you intend to project the clips onto a large screen in a lecture please email us to request higher resolution files on disk.

Volume: you may need to adjust the volume settings on your PC. Alternatively you may find that wearing headphones enhances your sound.

Get Windows Media Player If you do not have Windows Media Player, click on the icon to download the latest version.

[WMV 4.57 MB] 1.25 mins

B.L.S Child
B.L.S. Child
[WMV 7.01 MB] 2.05 mins

B.L.S Infant
B.L.S. Infant
[WMV 6.69 MB] 2.00 mins

[WMV 4.25 MB] 1.18 mins

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